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I love to explore new places and find new challenges to my body and person. Therefore I prefer the simple ways of travelling rather slowly while ejoying the compelete beauty of the places I am able to reach. A great example would be my nearly yearly mountainbike trip during which I travel only by bike from one point to another and usually rather choose the challenge and beauty over the easy path. So broadly those trips are planned where to start and where to end but finding the right path through the mountains is a totally new experience time and time again. It's really personality-shaping to have to take desisions about where to head what to do in all the possible situations and keep going even tough things look rough and the weather doesn't play in at all.

My last two trips took me to Switzerland crossing the entire country with some escapades, for example in Italy and France on the way. I packed all my stuff like the tent, sleeping bag, cooking set and supplies on my bike-rack. Such a trip can never be over-estimated in terms of the effort and organisation it takes but then also the feeling of achieving the finial destination is overwhelming. I always seek for travel-mates so if one of you out there is up to such challenges, my next goal is the Dolomites in Italy. Avis aux amateurs! I do must say tough that a high fidelity bike equipment is a must aswell as know-how in reparing bikes, how to behave in "wild nature" and a certain technique in mountainbiking and naviagion.

Other trips I like to do for now are weekend-trips to visit my friends which i find more and more spread over the lands lately. Mostly Europe but the parkour community overseas also calls for some visits in the near future. I still want to go and see the northern european countries such as Scottland, Ireland and Norway, Sweden etc. My biggest goal will be to explore New Zealand, Nepal or Argentina/Chile/Peru in like a year or so. That's one of my dreams.

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