New Ways ahead

As i fell sick and my fragility was displayed i decided to end the bike-packing madness and barred the plans to ride through new-Zealand by bike. I found a new ride then.

So for some time already i was looking into solutions for my new life as a finished engineer and non-student. The time has come to start my big travels. So all left to do is to resolve the "How". There are no discussion. either i stay on the bike or i get a pickup-cab-camper. My choice fell. for the nissan navara D22 and the tischer 260s which i got from a German dealer for a reasonable price. Now its time for some modding and testing before i can start heading out into the wild.

For me freedom means to have no physical barrier. I want to be able to go everywhere and reach all the places. The nissan enables me to go offroad hard and even harder if i remove the cab. If all the paths stop i still have my bike as a backup and my climbing equipment to finally reach them all. So i tested the rig already a little and i get more and more convinced that this choice indeed was the best i could have taken. for pictures to follow as the first trips get scheduled.

lastly what would a nice article be without a picture of the sundown over the water.

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