Snowy Via-Ferrata to Kofel

82487 Oberammergau, Germany

The story of a hike that turned into an unexpected Via-Ferrata-ish descent climb. Long story short, we made it eventually back down. Check out the pictures!

Last weekend we (Balazs, Isa and myseld) Headed to Bavaria, Germany for Roberts Farewell Party in his family's Cabin in Bad-Kohlgrub. As mos people had in mind to celebrate Roberts Bday and wish him well on his upcoming time in Australia we prepared for some mountain action. The decision was to hike one day and Via-Ferrata the other one. Eventually the weather conditions turned against our favor as the shady north sides of the mountains were still covered in snow which meant that a normal hike nor via-ferrata was out of Luck. Lucky as we are we stumbled upon somebody to provide us with valuable information about the available options for mountaineering int he area and then rented us show shoes and other gear free of charge. I personally find this amazing luck. Who knows where we would have ended up without this information and equipment.

After a relaxing ascent though the snow makeing good use of the provided snow-shoes we had a stop on a hut where to eat the standard perfect Bavarian lunch. Actually...too much lunch for me as I was dragging behind while digesting my overload of sweet sweet Kaiserschmarn. The aim was to not challenge our luck and just perform a small detour before returning to the base station, also casually called parking lot. Me holding my GPS map I always feel confident for a good lead as I am keen to navigate through unknown terrain equipped with only this map. The unknown was here the snow and my humbleness having loaded a biking-map instead of a hiking map on my GPS-app. This lead to some confusion since all of a sudden all paths looked the same with zero to no indication of difficulty. Eventually it got late and we were forced to take on a route that even we were not equipped for. Lucky or not we found our way to a peak called "Kofel", which had to be crossed in order to access the impossible descent at 60 Degrees of inclination. This was indeed what we looked for. A smaller Via ferrata route. I found that the snow-covered rocky climb was more of a risk than anything else but eventually we made it back down taking great care into all the steps taken. To conclude i think we all agree that this was the necessary adventure that we anyways looked for. But not too many mistakes are allowed and int he future the lesson is to prepare better when mountaineering. A note to add. We only met one person during the normal sections of the hike and nobody else anymore later on.

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