A discovery in the Forest

Rue du Parc, 4149 Schifflange, Luxembourg

Today while biking with Massimo in Schifflange we made an interesting discovery. A new public fireplace with covered area.

The fireplace is located In the forest. accessible from the football field. For cozy summer nights, the car can be left on the parking lot of the football field and after a 10 minute walk you can find the wooden tipi and the nicely made fireplace appearing. I highly recommend to search this during daytime since there is no direct path leading to this location. (GPS coordinates: 49.494647,6.013845 alt. 401m). Alternatively the "rue du parc" also offers good access and a small parking lot. From there on one walks straight up the hill up into the forest. It is legal to make fires here and also talking and music should be fine as there is no private property anywhere near this location. Have fun exploring and see you near the next bonfire!

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